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Resources Available to Employers

Wabasha DAC Bowling

Minnesota Employment and Economic Development

Many business owners are aware of the various benefits of hiring employees with disabilities, but finding the right employee with the right set of skills might seem complicated.  It doesn't have to be. There are resources available to help employers find, recruit, train, maintain and reap the tax benefits of hiring employees with disabilities.

If you've considered hiring an employee with disabilities or are simply interested in more information, there are a number of online resources that can get you started. These include:

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)


The Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion (EARN)


The Jobs Accommodation Network (JAN)


Whether you're interested in the basics, or the detailed specifics, these online resources can provide you with information including:

Facts about the benefits of hiring workers with disabilities.

How hiring people with disabilities can help a business overcome workforce shortages.

Increasing efficiency.

Laws and regulations.

How employees with disabilities provide employers with a positive return on investment.

Tax incentives that are available.

Creating new market opportunities and attracting more customers.

Tapping into an educated and talented pool of workers with great diversity.

Assistance with accessibility issues.

You can access articles online, as well as subscribe to informational newsletters and complete free webinars on a variety of disability topics that are of interest to employers.


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