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Wabasha DAC Homecoming Parade

We provide services based on the wants and needs of the individuals we serve

Functional Skills:

We provide individualized training/support in skills needed for day-to-day living and community integration. 

  • Exercise therapy for cardiovascular health, mobility, and dexterity.

  • Practice with counting money, reading, writing, and math.

  • Mental exercise with activities like word finds, puzzles, and crosswords.

  • Some of our service recipients have even used this program for more advanced tasks like studying for a drivers permit or learning sign language.

Wabasha DAC Functional Skills
Wabasha DAC Womens Group

Life Enrichment:

We provide a space for service recipients to participate in activities they enjoy doing that make their lives better.

  • Socialization is essential for mental wellbeing as well as building verbal skills for the community.

  • Community outings which build community relationships and expose individuals to new and fun activities.

  • Arts and Crafts allow an outlet for creativity and expression.

Employment Supports:

We provide assistance in each step of competitive employment for our individuals.

  • Exploration services provide resources for each person to learn about jobs available to them and what skills are needed for these jobs.

  • Development services work on skills that are needed to obtain jobs. This includes resume writing, filling out applications, and interview practice. 

  • We also provide job coaching for those employed in the community.

Wabasha DAC employment support services
Wabasha DAC Production

Work Component:

We provide on-site paid opportunities with various jobs from area businesses.

  • Packaging jobs involving everything from medical devices to hunting equipment.

  • Preparation jobs for businesses who want to cut out extra steps for their production crews.

  • Shredding services for the general public and commercial businesses.

  • Button Production for businesses, schools, family reunions, fundraisers, etc.


Phone: 651-565-3612



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Monday - Friday 8:00a - 4:00p

111 2nd St. W, Wabasha, MN 55981


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